Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week Before Christmas

Tuesday We started the day off with a fun District meeting about the light and how Christ is the light. Then I had divisions with the Zone Leader Elder Webb. Him and I had lots of fun together and both were able to talk and just open up to eachother. We found some great potentials for his area and then ended the night with a sleepover in his house with my companion and his. Wednesday Woke up at 4 in the morning to go to the Christmas Party of the Mountains. It was super fun and we had lots of fun playing one minute to win it games and we received packages! I was super happy got one from President and Hermana Markham, my family, and Madi. Little sad that Taylors hadnt arrived but I couldnt complain. Then went to work and found a family of four just by inviting them to watch the AMAZING christmas video with us. It was great Thursday Just had some few good lessons but then got our investigator Alison ready for her baptism ON CHRISTMAS! It was surely a miracle how she is able to be baptized now and it definitely is a Christmas Miracle. Friday Had a good day of teaching and taught Valentina and her family. They were great and then taught Claudia and she was just full of awesome questions. Then ended the night at our ward Christmas party! I love this ward and the people. Plus they all love me even if I dont like eating their beans, they love me so much they just dont put them on my plate and give me more rice. I love it. Saturday Today was the day to find tons of goats and get rejected. But it was still a good day and we got invited to an 8 year olds baptism that was fun. Sunday I got kissed by a drunk this day... It wasnt my favorite kiss I have received but all is well. It was a good day. I actually understood a lot with the talks and the different classes. Plus we gave our fourth blessing in a row for the fourth day in a row. Got to love the preisthood. Monday Didnt have Pday but we had a good day. We started the day off with a service and then ate lunch at Pizza Hut as a zone, it was lots of fun. Our first lesson was a new family we found of who knows how many. We only taught 7 but after we got done teaching tons more came and were sad they missed the lesson. It was also awesome because we ended the night with a great lesson with our bishop and found a girl who was baptized but never confirmed so we just have to do it all over again! Christmas Miracles are everywhere.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I went into the waters

Tuesday We had a good Zone Meeting and actually learned a lot of what we could do better and what we will do better to be a better zone and missionaries. Then Elder Halverson and me had a fun day working and then I taught him how to make pasta! Wednesday This was a day of miracles. We found this guy named Abel who at the end of the lesson couldnt wait to know when we can return so we could share the message with his family! Then we started teaching old man Mario again! I was so happy to see and talk with him again and to start touching his heart once more. Then learned that the convert who we tried to get married so we could baptize but couldnt because she was too young. Her Husband left and now she can be baptized. It is very sad but I know that entering into this happiness will only help her feel the warmth and peace of our Savior that she will feel after her baptism. Thursday 100 days! It started off slow but then we just found more miracles. We got a lot of second visits and one with Maria Jose who is showing lots of interest and desire for being a super snake haha. We beleive that she will be baptized because she is feeling this love of the Gospel. Then had one with William who just apologized for not going to church and said he would definitely be there the next! What a miracle! Twas a good day. Friday Another slow start to the day but when we had our first lesson with Mario who still says he is Catholic it all went well and it was a good day. Got to meet the family of Abel who all were awesome and have a desire to follow in this path! They are a miracle family. We ended the night with what is called Noche de Hermanamiento and learned a lot on how to strengthen families! I love my family! Saturday Just had a lot of baptismal interveiws for the investigators for the Hermanas in my district and learned that I would be baptizing this 10 year old boy for the Hermanas! Then we had a Christmas Party for the Steak that was crazy and super fun. And had a lesson with Alison whom we hope to help and help her be baptized to feel this peace she needs. Sunday I went in the Waters! I got to baptize this little kid named Justin who was just so awesome. When we got to Itzapa, the area of the hermanas, he just ran up and gave me a hug. The baptism was great. I cant wait to baptize someone that I actually taught and helped get to the point of feeling ready for baptism. This only gave me more motivation to work harder and just do it. Monday Had a good Zone PDay. We had a little gift exchange and I ended up with Chocolate! And then we played a little basketball and then 4 square! It was lots of fun and Elder Halverson and I had really good lessons.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things only get better

Tuesday We had divisions this day and I got to go work with my zone leader Elder HMelo. He is such a cool and energetic guy and I learned a lot of how to better contact and relate with people. This was a fun day and just had lots of good spiritual lessons together. Wednesday Got my companion back and man did we get blessed. We worked hard and the Lord blessed us. We found 8 new people this week that we think we can help progress in this happiness and get them to the waters. Lets see what the Lord has instore for them. Thursday Thanksgiving! What a good Thanksgiving. We celebrated with eating fried chicken potatoes and PIE. It was fun to celebrate it with the Hermanas. Then we just went out and worked and had a good rest of our Thanksgiving but I am so grateful for so many things, but I am grateful for all my suffrings because that is what brings us closer to our Lord. Friday Just a regular hard working day Saturday This is a day of miracles. And the power of fasting is amazing. We started our fast this day after lunch. We were fasting to have second visits because of all the wonderful new people we had found. We had no second visits with them and we had been trying super hard. But the first lesson we had after we started our fast was a second visit and it was amazing and such a great blessing and a good way to start out a good successful day. Sunday Just a great Primary Program Sunday. It was cute and it was awesome to see the little kids get up and share their testimonies and thoughts. I love little kids. They have lots of power and spirit. Afterwards we just had a good day of working. Monday WE CLEANED EVERYTHING. I love it. Our house is so clean and organized after this PDAy. It makes my OCDness worse but also happy. Then we just had two powerful lessons and a good night. Spiritual thought: I learned that through patience in suffering we will gain the greater reward especially if we continually show our love in our Lord through fasting. The power of fasting and how much love you can show our Heavenly Father through fasting is very powerful and will help you with whatever problem you are having in your life. Just suffer patiently and try showing your dedication through fasting.