Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 4

So this last week went by ridiculously fast and I honestly dont remember a whole lot of it. All though it was a pretty normal week. One of the days I had this really cool experience to give a blessing to one of the Latino Elders. He had just recently gotten his wisdom teeth out and they were hurting him so bad and making him delirous. Anyway his friends and companion went asked the President if he could have a blessing. As to my surprise he wanted me to do it. I cant believe that he wanted me to do it. I loved the guy and we were decently close but I didnt realize I had that much influence on him. So it was really amazing to know that he could see the light in me and wanted me to use it to bless him. When I gave him the blessing within in a few minutes he was completely fine and it was amazing to see. Man the power of the priesthood is crazy and I feel so blessed to have it and be worthy to use it. The Lord really loves me and has given me so many blessings as I have been here in the CCM. Another cool experience as always is Sundays. I love Sundays here in the CCM. We had a really powerful testimony meeting and I am pretty sure every single person in my Branch was in line waiting to bare their testimonies. And each and every single on of them has such strong testimonies. Anyway after that we had powerful devotionals and then of course had awesome district meeting where my companion and I actually taught about the Atonement. Man I have such a strong testimony of the Atonement and the power of it. After all that we had more devotionals and watched the Testaments. It is super cool. But the coolest part of Sunday was our last devotional. It was an old recorded christmas one but it was by my favorite Apostle Elder Bednar. But during it I saw Bishop Sheffield! Get up and help him out with his Ipad. That was a real blessing. I really miss everyone from back home. But this work must be done and I am so excited to share it. Monday was a good day and we started it off really by watching the funeral of our beloved Apostle Richard G Scott. It was sad but very powerful and I am very grateful to know that he is reuninted with his wife and two of his kids that passed away at such young ages. I am very grateful to know that families can be together forever if we are willing to do the work to let them be together forever. I love my family so very much and cant imagine not being with them forever. I also cant wait to start my forever family. Anyway the rest of the day we just did a lot of practices because today we are going to the mall and placing copies of the Book of Mormon!!! I am so very excited. Wish me luck. I will tell you how it goes next week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

week 3

So this past week in the CCM went by so fast. I hardly remember it. Good thing I decided to start writing in my journal. So last Tuesday and Wednesday the 6th weekers and the Latinos left and we got new people and new Latinos. The crazy thing is that my room has been praying so hard to be able to have the Gift of Tongues and to know the language. The Lord thought the best way he could bless us was by giving us two of the new Latinos in our room and they dont speak or understand English. So we really have to use our Spanish. It is super hard but it really has been a blesssing and they are awesome people. So also last week I decided to start working out. Best and hardest decision I have made because I have never been in so much pain especially with my roomate who trains me and my other roommate. He really pushes us to our limits and we always wake up barely being able to move that body part the next day. Its good though I already can feel the blessings of it and the take away it has from stress. I love it. On Friday I became my District´s, District Leader, that has been a big, hard blessing because I always constitenly look for ways to bless my District and help them. So I started doing some new stuff for my District and I can already feel and see the improvements we have made. My District is seriously the best and I know the hardest day of the CCM is going to be when I have to say good bye to them. They are all such strong people and they are going to do amazing things on their msisions. My companion and me are super powerful when we teach together. All 4 of our investigators are being baptized and have prayed and now know the Book of Mormon is true. Its fun and so exciting to see the change you can have in peoples lifes even though I know it is just my teachers playing a role and acting out a story. I am so excited to see what I can do out in the field. Just three more weeks. Saturday was a normal pretty good day. Sunday. Sundays are the best thing about the CCM. It is so spiritual and the Devotionals are the best part. We had very life changing and inspirational Devotionals this past Sunday that got me really thinking. My favorite one though was when we watched Richard G Scotts Devotional on prayer and revelation to pray. (BTW when the Provo MTC choir was singing I totally saw Jake Smith singing) Anyway is talk talked a lot on how the Lord answers prayers but what I liked most was when he sat down and right as the girl was about to say the prayer, he felt prompted to get back up and say one more thing. He told all the missionaries to never forget that they are not alone on their mssions. They can always just stop and have a conversation with their Heavenly Father and he will help them do as they need to. It really touched me because I have really missed my family and Madi and all they did for me. I dont know how I got to where I am today with out them and I am very grateful for them. Monday was a great day and taught one of the most powerful lessons I have ever taught. Today well we got to go to the Temple and I just love the Guatemala temple and the simplicity of it. And the spirit you feel when you go to the temple..Always take the oportunity to go to the temple. It is such a blessing. Alma 38:5 (replace Shiblon with your name.) Love you All

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

week two

Man week two was spectacular and I loved it. The first day of week two was pretty long and hard to get back into the swing of things but the day after that was the hardest. It just went really slow and all of the grammar they taught us I already knew so it was hard to want to pay attention and stay focused. My teacher could tell that all of us were having a rough day and she gave one of the best talks and speeches to us. She told us that we all needed to forget ourselves and go to work because we arent here for ourselves. We are here to bring those God has prepared for us to this plan of happiness and this gospel that can bring happiness to everyone. It was a really powerful speech that got everyone focused. After she gave it though she came over to my desk and she started talking to me about how grateful she was to have me in her class because I was such an awesome example to those around me. She then told me it was my job to continue to be that example and help lift those around me up. It was really good to hear but after she said that I read in Alma 5:45-47 and the very first thing it says is "And this is not all. Do ye not know that I know this myself?" After I read that I just started to cry because that was like the Lord letting me know that he feels the same way too and letting me know that yes it was my job to continue to be an example. The next day one of my really good friends I made, Elder Pinckney, found out he had to go home. And left. It was really hard to see him leave because he was such a good spirit and really brought smiles to everyones face. The day went on though and we all stayed focused and learned a lot. The day after that my companion and I taught a new investigator and although the lesson went well and you could tell the spirit was there. I just felt like we werent intune with each other and the same spirit. So we both knew we could of done better. The rest of the day we just both worked hard and studied hard. The day after that was Sunday and it was one of the most spiritual Sundays I have ever had. Sundays in the CCM are a little different because everyone prepares a talk, all in Spanish, and when it comes time for talks. One of the presidents stand up looks at people and calls them up to give a talk and there are like 8 people who speak each week. The talks were really good though but the Devotionals after were even better. One lady talked on Faith in Jesus Christ and all that it can do for us and it was amazing. After that President Cox, CCM President, gave an awesome one on how to teach properly and everyone was so focused and it was an awesome lesson. After that we watched a Devotional by Bednar and it was on being Preach my Gospel missionaries and he gave us 5 steps on how to be those types of missionaries. I will definitely be using it in my mission. After that we watched Ephraims Rescue, let me tell you havent cried from a movie like that since Cokeville Miracle and it was an amazing and very spiritual movie. I advise all to watch both of those movies. They will change your life. Monday went well too and my companion and I taught one lesson with our investigator that, oh I forgot to tell you, said she would be baptized the 26th, and it was the most amazing spiritual lessons we have taught and we were both definitely in tune with each other and the spirit. I love this Gospel everybody and I know it can bless so many. Cant wait to see more of the City than just the temple and inside the CCM and go preach to those who are waiting for me and bring them happiness. Love you all and hope all is going well. Btw they took my camera the first day I got here so I wont be able to send pictures until after I get out of the CCM.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I made it one week!!

First week of being in the CCM (MTC) was rough but amazing. I have learned so much already. I am doing the best in my district with the language, so its getting easier everyday. The 140 people here are amazing and I have grown close and have a relationship with all of them already. Especially the people in my room. We are the closest bunch you can get and all of them live pretty close to me so we are all pretty excited to see what is to come of our relationship afterwards. Day one was the hardest day and felt like it went on for a week. The flight wasnt very fun and no one really got any sleep on it, especially me but the coolest part of the flight was when we were landing in Guatemala and there was a local Volcano that was errupting and I watched it as it spewed and ashed. Super cool to see and I learned after the CCM my mission president allows the missionaries to go on hikes and so I will be hiking that Volcano when I get out. The second day was a little easier but it was so much all at once. The language was thrown at us and the teachings were too but all of it in Spanish so no one really knew what was happening. I see my friend Bailey everyday and its awesome but makes me miss home and hanging out with my friends. My companion is Elder Schellenberg and he is a unique but really cool guy and has a twin going to speak Mandrin Chinese in Virginia. Me and him get along and joke around with each other a lot and do well when it comes to teaching. I usually do most of the talking in the lessons just because I understand the language more. Anyway day 3 was easier and was pretty much the same as day two but the food that day was probably my favorite. Oh and for those of you worried about me and my food issues. Dont the Lord is blessing me with adaptable taste buds and I have liked and eaten pretty much everything. He has blessed me so much already and I love it. Day 5 was my favorite. It was our first Sunday and it was a fast Sunday. I got up and bore my testimony and was the first of the newbies to do so. I actually understood a lot of the testimonies of the Latinos too. Sunday was really relaxed but really amazing too and you could feel the spirit super strongly. You just feel the spirit super strong here anyway but it is just amazing. Each night my district has "Physical Activity" and I love playing volleyball and basketball. I am getting better just because I have to play in the rain because it has poured everyday here. I love it! I went to the temple this morning and loved it. The Guatemala temple is really small but really pretty in a very simple way. It was an awesome way to start out the day. I love you all. I am doing great. Just pray that I learn the language better and start teaching better. Miss yall

Monday, September 7, 2015


We have not yet received a email this week from Elder Shelton but that doesn't mean we can't write him. Here is the address to write him. His MTC address is- Elder Trevor Shelton Guatemala Guatemala city central mission Guatemala Missionary Training Center Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71 01015 Guatemala City Guatemala ***Note he can NOT receive packages at the mtc so don't send him any. He will be in the MTC approximately 5 more weeks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

He Made it Safely!!

Hi Mom and Dad, First day is rough. Those flights not super comfortable but I was lucky that my ears only hurt after the first one. Guatemala is so pretty but there are so many people who ask you to give them money. I got asked for a shoe shine like 8 times just stepping out of the airport. The temple is right next to the MTC its awesome. They took away my camera so I wont be sending any pictures during my time in the MTC I think. I love you guys. I am tired but after I write this they are letting me take a nap. Love you. I will let you know when my Pday is soon.