Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 4

So this last week went by ridiculously fast and I honestly dont remember a whole lot of it. All though it was a pretty normal week. One of the days I had this really cool experience to give a blessing to one of the Latino Elders. He had just recently gotten his wisdom teeth out and they were hurting him so bad and making him delirous. Anyway his friends and companion went asked the President if he could have a blessing. As to my surprise he wanted me to do it. I cant believe that he wanted me to do it. I loved the guy and we were decently close but I didnt realize I had that much influence on him. So it was really amazing to know that he could see the light in me and wanted me to use it to bless him. When I gave him the blessing within in a few minutes he was completely fine and it was amazing to see. Man the power of the priesthood is crazy and I feel so blessed to have it and be worthy to use it. The Lord really loves me and has given me so many blessings as I have been here in the CCM. Another cool experience as always is Sundays. I love Sundays here in the CCM. We had a really powerful testimony meeting and I am pretty sure every single person in my Branch was in line waiting to bare their testimonies. And each and every single on of them has such strong testimonies. Anyway after that we had powerful devotionals and then of course had awesome district meeting where my companion and I actually taught about the Atonement. Man I have such a strong testimony of the Atonement and the power of it. After all that we had more devotionals and watched the Testaments. It is super cool. But the coolest part of Sunday was our last devotional. It was an old recorded christmas one but it was by my favorite Apostle Elder Bednar. But during it I saw Bishop Sheffield! Get up and help him out with his Ipad. That was a real blessing. I really miss everyone from back home. But this work must be done and I am so excited to share it. Monday was a good day and we started it off really by watching the funeral of our beloved Apostle Richard G Scott. It was sad but very powerful and I am very grateful to know that he is reuninted with his wife and two of his kids that passed away at such young ages. I am very grateful to know that families can be together forever if we are willing to do the work to let them be together forever. I love my family so very much and cant imagine not being with them forever. I also cant wait to start my forever family. Anyway the rest of the day we just did a lot of practices because today we are going to the mall and placing copies of the Book of Mormon!!! I am so very excited. Wish me luck. I will tell you how it goes next week!

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