Tuesday, September 15, 2015

week two

Man week two was spectacular and I loved it. The first day of week two was pretty long and hard to get back into the swing of things but the day after that was the hardest. It just went really slow and all of the grammar they taught us I already knew so it was hard to want to pay attention and stay focused. My teacher could tell that all of us were having a rough day and she gave one of the best talks and speeches to us. She told us that we all needed to forget ourselves and go to work because we arent here for ourselves. We are here to bring those God has prepared for us to this plan of happiness and this gospel that can bring happiness to everyone. It was a really powerful speech that got everyone focused. After she gave it though she came over to my desk and she started talking to me about how grateful she was to have me in her class because I was such an awesome example to those around me. She then told me it was my job to continue to be that example and help lift those around me up. It was really good to hear but after she said that I read in Alma 5:45-47 and the very first thing it says is "And this is not all. Do ye not know that I know this myself?" After I read that I just started to cry because that was like the Lord letting me know that he feels the same way too and letting me know that yes it was my job to continue to be an example. The next day one of my really good friends I made, Elder Pinckney, found out he had to go home. And left. It was really hard to see him leave because he was such a good spirit and really brought smiles to everyones face. The day went on though and we all stayed focused and learned a lot. The day after that my companion and I taught a new investigator and although the lesson went well and you could tell the spirit was there. I just felt like we werent intune with each other and the same spirit. So we both knew we could of done better. The rest of the day we just both worked hard and studied hard. The day after that was Sunday and it was one of the most spiritual Sundays I have ever had. Sundays in the CCM are a little different because everyone prepares a talk, all in Spanish, and when it comes time for talks. One of the presidents stand up looks at people and calls them up to give a talk and there are like 8 people who speak each week. The talks were really good though but the Devotionals after were even better. One lady talked on Faith in Jesus Christ and all that it can do for us and it was amazing. After that President Cox, CCM President, gave an awesome one on how to teach properly and everyone was so focused and it was an awesome lesson. After that we watched a Devotional by Bednar and it was on being Preach my Gospel missionaries and he gave us 5 steps on how to be those types of missionaries. I will definitely be using it in my mission. After that we watched Ephraims Rescue, let me tell you havent cried from a movie like that since Cokeville Miracle and it was an amazing and very spiritual movie. I advise all to watch both of those movies. They will change your life. Monday went well too and my companion and I taught one lesson with our investigator that, oh I forgot to tell you, said she would be baptized the 26th, and it was the most amazing spiritual lessons we have taught and we were both definitely in tune with each other and the spirit. I love this Gospel everybody and I know it can bless so many. Cant wait to see more of the City than just the temple and inside the CCM and go preach to those who are waiting for me and bring them happiness. Love you all and hope all is going well. Btw they took my camera the first day I got here so I wont be able to send pictures until after I get out of the CCM.

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