Tuesday, September 22, 2015

week 3

So this past week in the CCM went by so fast. I hardly remember it. Good thing I decided to start writing in my journal. So last Tuesday and Wednesday the 6th weekers and the Latinos left and we got new people and new Latinos. The crazy thing is that my room has been praying so hard to be able to have the Gift of Tongues and to know the language. The Lord thought the best way he could bless us was by giving us two of the new Latinos in our room and they dont speak or understand English. So we really have to use our Spanish. It is super hard but it really has been a blesssing and they are awesome people. So also last week I decided to start working out. Best and hardest decision I have made because I have never been in so much pain especially with my roomate who trains me and my other roommate. He really pushes us to our limits and we always wake up barely being able to move that body part the next day. Its good though I already can feel the blessings of it and the take away it has from stress. I love it. On Friday I became my District´s, District Leader, that has been a big, hard blessing because I always constitenly look for ways to bless my District and help them. So I started doing some new stuff for my District and I can already feel and see the improvements we have made. My District is seriously the best and I know the hardest day of the CCM is going to be when I have to say good bye to them. They are all such strong people and they are going to do amazing things on their msisions. My companion and me are super powerful when we teach together. All 4 of our investigators are being baptized and have prayed and now know the Book of Mormon is true. Its fun and so exciting to see the change you can have in peoples lifes even though I know it is just my teachers playing a role and acting out a story. I am so excited to see what I can do out in the field. Just three more weeks. Saturday was a normal pretty good day. Sunday. Sundays are the best thing about the CCM. It is so spiritual and the Devotionals are the best part. We had very life changing and inspirational Devotionals this past Sunday that got me really thinking. My favorite one though was when we watched Richard G Scotts Devotional on prayer and revelation to pray. (BTW when the Provo MTC choir was singing I totally saw Jake Smith singing) Anyway is talk talked a lot on how the Lord answers prayers but what I liked most was when he sat down and right as the girl was about to say the prayer, he felt prompted to get back up and say one more thing. He told all the missionaries to never forget that they are not alone on their mssions. They can always just stop and have a conversation with their Heavenly Father and he will help them do as they need to. It really touched me because I have really missed my family and Madi and all they did for me. I dont know how I got to where I am today with out them and I am very grateful for them. Monday was a great day and taught one of the most powerful lessons I have ever taught. Today well we got to go to the Temple and I just love the Guatemala temple and the simplicity of it. And the spirit you feel when you go to the temple..Always take the oportunity to go to the temple. It is such a blessing. Alma 38:5 (replace Shiblon with your name.) Love you All

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