Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A little poem

Only you can choose what is right for you only you can choose the things youll do but wickedness never was happiness and some may say youre going to hell but in all honesty only time will tell because its your choice to decide right now if youre going to let Satan drag you down or if youre going to choose the Lord because he can help you win this was because Satan will throw all things at you try and make everything hard for you to do He may even make them appear fun because he really doesnt want this work done so its time for you to decide to decide between which is wrong or right to decide if youre going to choose the Lords light and show it to the world shining bright or decide the path of sin the one that makes you think you can win So decide right now if youre going to let Satan drag you down but just remember wickedness never was happiness and the Lord will always be there to help you through all your scares So dont let go of him because only he can help you truly win and with him we need not fear because he is always here to help us through all our trials and bring us nothing but smiles He is our loving brother and his love is that like our mothers He does not want to see us sad he does not want us to be mad he just wants us to feel his love that love that comes from our Father above that love that can beat Anything that love that will help you through Everything He loves us all and does not want us to fall we just need to turn to him through it all because he knows what to do to help each and everyone of you to defeat the trials of this life and eventually live forever with your lovely wife So decide TODAY which is the RIGHT way...

2nd week in the field

This Second week has been great. I started it off by being sick haha! But just because we get sick doesnt mean the work stops. In my mission if we are sick we still go out and work the whole day and for that the Lord blesses us tremendously because the next day I felt a lot better. On this day my companion and I tried to work as hard as we could and I felt bad because I wasnt at my hundred percent but we found a really cool, potential investigator named Rene. The Lord blesses his missionaries in everything! Next day I woke up feeling better and now my companion didnt feel the best haha. We went out and worked though and it was great. This day was really hot to working and we did a lot of contacting and got a lot of new people but the best part was the pretty views we got to see as we walked. But on this day as well there were five huge dogs that started chasing us and my companion picked up a traffic cone and threw it at them and I picked up some rocks and threw at them and we ran. It was really quite fun. This day we had divisions! I got to spend the day with one of the zone leaders and not with my companion. My companion warned me that it might be slower than our area because the zone leaders area has more shops and not as many houses so it was possible that I wasnt going to be as busy as usual. This scared me, another thing that scared me was that the zone leader was latino and didnt really know english and so I thought I would just be talking to myself all day. This was not so. We ended up having a busy day and hardly any house rejected us, I was able to talk with and have good conversations with the zone leader and we had ice cream. What a good day! Now for Saturday, I was back with my companion, Elder Murray! We just went out and worked and found some more new people and they were really positive and we think we will end up baptizing them! I sure hope so! It was just a good old Saturday of good fashion missionary work! Sunday....Sunday{s are not my favorite because I cant really understand anything and so I am not a huge fan. I do like Sundays because the members always feed us. It is different type of food and I am surprised I actually eat it but it is good and free food is always great! We found some more new people this day but only one seems really positive and one that we might be able to baptize. Got to love Sundays. Monday! I love Mondays, especially this one because we had interviews with our mission president and he is amazing. We talked about the Atonement and lots of other cool stuff. That guy really is incredible! After that it was PDay and we went to the mall and ate and cleaned and put up my companions hammack and just had a good day of relaxation! Last PDay it poured and we had to carry 15 pound water jugs on our shouders to our house for a half mile! That was so much fun. I love this work. The Lord is my Savior and this is his work that I am grateful I have the opportunity to be apart of!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I started my adventure in the Mountains !

Well wow its been a quite adventurous past two weeks. I guess I will start with my last week in the CCM. My last week in the CCM was great. We had great last lessons with our investigators and had a good last week with my incredible district. Also my last week in the CCM the Lord gave me one of the hardest trials of my life. But it has been a blessing especially now that I am in the field. The last week in the CCM was hard with this new trial in my life, it was hard for me to focus and it was hard for me to help others maintain a high spririt. This is where the Lord showed me his love because everyday of the last week in the CCM, whenever I was reading or doing personal study, He showed me a new way to overcome and not think to much of that trial. He helped me understand more of why it was to happen. He helped me feel his comfort and love and I am very grateful for it. But that last week went by really fast and I had to say good bye to a lot of really good friends that I know will be my friends forever. They were great people. Now on to adventures. Well I arrived to my mission and we went to the presidents hotel floor and had lessons and ate food and learned our areas and our trainers. I got the best trainer Elder Murray, he is from Vegas and has a twin just like my companion in the CCM did! Anyway after all that the zone leaders took us to their house because we were going to stay there for the day and the next day we would go to changes and meet our trainers and go to our areas. Okay so when we did that we dropped off our stuff and then went and the zone leaders tried to kill us. I dont think I have ever walked that far, that fast, or up such steep hills in my life. But it was so much fun! Contacting for 8 and half hours was great! But after that we ended the day with lots of pizza and then woke up at 4 the next day to go to changes! Day of changes! It was great and met my amazing companion Elder Murray. We went to our awesome area called Chimatenango and it is in the mountains and is so beautiful and actually kind of cold. It rains all the time! But with that day we went and taught some lessons and contacted a lot then got home did what we were supposed to and then crashed. Woke up the next day and repeated. The next day we had a meeting for all us newbies and it went well and I learned lots but I was just excited to get back to bus contacting, street contacting, and teach our investigators. We actually baptized on of our investigators this past Sunday! His name is Mario Guzman and his a great old man who I barely got to know but he is so cool! I love these people. Everyday we do pretty much the same thing but it is so fun. We walk fast! We contact always 35 people and 10 families at least! And do it everyday. This mission is strict but we are the best because we walk to fastest, contact the most, are the most obedient, and because of it the Lord blesses us. I love this area. Cant wait to see what else the adventure brings.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

He's Officially out of the MTC Write him!!

The only message we received from Elder Shelton today was- "I made it here alive and fine love you all talk to you in a week!" He starts out in to the field now he has left the MTC. Why don't you send him a letter- Elder Trevor Austin Shelton Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission Avenida Reforma 8-60, Zona 9, Oficiana 505 Apartado Postal 921-A 01009 Guatemala City Guatemala He would love to hear from everyone!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 5 Last week in the MTC

Well week 5 went by even faster! But it started off amazing. Last week we had the opportunity to actually leave the CCM and go to the super mercado and then go out and hand out Book of Mormons. Man did that really test my spanish, but it was amazing and my companion and I actually got to talk to this family of four for a long time and got their information! It was amazing and I actually think they live in my mission so hopefully when I get out NEXT WEEK I will be able to find them and talk to them more. After that amazing day we had a pretty normal week. We learned tons and got to practice even more our lessons. I just cant believe I only have one week left in this place. But now Saturday and Sunday were the best days. We were lucky enough to watch conference live. I really loved all the conference talks and never have I ever gotten so much out of them. Conference really is like the Super Bowl for Missionaries. I have grown so much just from Conference weekend. One of my favorite talks was Elder Keetch´s because it talked about the barrier. We need not look at the commandments and the things God asks of us as a barrier. But as a blessing and protection. God loves us, why would he not give us something that wouldnt bless us? That is why we have commandments and things he asks of us, because he loves us and wants the best for us and knows whats best for us. He truly knows us, each individually. He loves us all. We should not complain that there is a "barrier" but rather be thankful that God is blessing and protecting us. I love this Gospel and I am so excited to go share it. I leave the CCM in one week and couldnt be more excited to go and take all the things I have learned and put them to work. I wont be writing next week because I go out to the field but hopefully I will get to write a little bit. I love you guys and just remember trust in the Lord and our Heavenly Father. All they want for you is the best and they know exactly what is the best for each of us. Nos AMAN! y Nos Conocen