Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 5 Last week in the MTC

Well week 5 went by even faster! But it started off amazing. Last week we had the opportunity to actually leave the CCM and go to the super mercado and then go out and hand out Book of Mormons. Man did that really test my spanish, but it was amazing and my companion and I actually got to talk to this family of four for a long time and got their information! It was amazing and I actually think they live in my mission so hopefully when I get out NEXT WEEK I will be able to find them and talk to them more. After that amazing day we had a pretty normal week. We learned tons and got to practice even more our lessons. I just cant believe I only have one week left in this place. But now Saturday and Sunday were the best days. We were lucky enough to watch conference live. I really loved all the conference talks and never have I ever gotten so much out of them. Conference really is like the Super Bowl for Missionaries. I have grown so much just from Conference weekend. One of my favorite talks was Elder Keetch´s because it talked about the barrier. We need not look at the commandments and the things God asks of us as a barrier. But as a blessing and protection. God loves us, why would he not give us something that wouldnt bless us? That is why we have commandments and things he asks of us, because he loves us and wants the best for us and knows whats best for us. He truly knows us, each individually. He loves us all. We should not complain that there is a "barrier" but rather be thankful that God is blessing and protecting us. I love this Gospel and I am so excited to go share it. I leave the CCM in one week and couldnt be more excited to go and take all the things I have learned and put them to work. I wont be writing next week because I go out to the field but hopefully I will get to write a little bit. I love you guys and just remember trust in the Lord and our Heavenly Father. All they want for you is the best and they know exactly what is the best for each of us. Nos AMAN! y Nos Conocen

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