Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2nd week in the field

This Second week has been great. I started it off by being sick haha! But just because we get sick doesnt mean the work stops. In my mission if we are sick we still go out and work the whole day and for that the Lord blesses us tremendously because the next day I felt a lot better. On this day my companion and I tried to work as hard as we could and I felt bad because I wasnt at my hundred percent but we found a really cool, potential investigator named Rene. The Lord blesses his missionaries in everything! Next day I woke up feeling better and now my companion didnt feel the best haha. We went out and worked though and it was great. This day was really hot to working and we did a lot of contacting and got a lot of new people but the best part was the pretty views we got to see as we walked. But on this day as well there were five huge dogs that started chasing us and my companion picked up a traffic cone and threw it at them and I picked up some rocks and threw at them and we ran. It was really quite fun. This day we had divisions! I got to spend the day with one of the zone leaders and not with my companion. My companion warned me that it might be slower than our area because the zone leaders area has more shops and not as many houses so it was possible that I wasnt going to be as busy as usual. This scared me, another thing that scared me was that the zone leader was latino and didnt really know english and so I thought I would just be talking to myself all day. This was not so. We ended up having a busy day and hardly any house rejected us, I was able to talk with and have good conversations with the zone leader and we had ice cream. What a good day! Now for Saturday, I was back with my companion, Elder Murray! We just went out and worked and found some more new people and they were really positive and we think we will end up baptizing them! I sure hope so! It was just a good old Saturday of good fashion missionary work! Sunday....Sunday{s are not my favorite because I cant really understand anything and so I am not a huge fan. I do like Sundays because the members always feed us. It is different type of food and I am surprised I actually eat it but it is good and free food is always great! We found some more new people this day but only one seems really positive and one that we might be able to baptize. Got to love Sundays. Monday! I love Mondays, especially this one because we had interviews with our mission president and he is amazing. We talked about the Atonement and lots of other cool stuff. That guy really is incredible! After that it was PDay and we went to the mall and ate and cleaned and put up my companions hammack and just had a good day of relaxation! Last PDay it poured and we had to carry 15 pound water jugs on our shouders to our house for a half mile! That was so much fun. I love this work. The Lord is my Savior and this is his work that I am grateful I have the opportunity to be apart of!

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