Friday, March 18, 2016

Its been a good one.‏

Well I feel like it is time that I let all of you in on something. So for a little over three months I have had tons of pain in my chest. At first I thought it would just pass over but it didnt. So I called the nurse and she sent me to do xrays in my chest and we didnt find anything and so I just continued to work. A week and half after I did Xrays I had a really bad asthma attack to where I couldnt see during it and afterwards I couldnt walk with out falling over and so I didnt work that day. Afterwards, I received medicine to help me breath but thats all it did. It didnt help with the pain at all and after that asthma attack my pain worsened a lot and everyday since it has been worse. And so this past week it has just been unbareable and had a huge inpact on me and how I am as a missionary. So I went to the hospital and just got new medicine after talking to the doctor and even with the new medicine I have just been getting worse and worse. And After lots of crazy fighting this past week. I am coming home.... But I want all of you to know how much I know this is the true and only true church of Jesus Christ. The only true Gospel that brings the happiness we all desire. I am grateful for everything and I am going home feeling like a successful missionary just from my personal conversion to this Gospel. I love it and I know my Savior and Heavenly Father love me. So if you want to write me or keep in contact here is my other email. -- *No hay miedo en la vida, si recononcemos que tenemos un gran ayuda. A quien es nuestro amoroso Salvador. Una persona que nos conoce mejor que conocemos nosotros y él nos ama. Él está allí para ayudarnos. Solo tenemos que pedir y él lo hará.* Elder Shelton

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hay Cambios‏

Tuesday We had a good day. We had a great District Meeting that went completely by the spirit and it helped us a ton to refocus and remember why we are here serving. Then after that Elder Hales and I got to work and found some good news. Wednesday 6 Months! Man does time fly by. This day was amazing. So the Familia DeLeon that told us they didnt want us to visit them, well during lunch the mom called us and asked for tons of forgiveness saying they wanted us to come back. And us well we just told her we would see her tomorrow. But of course all of our visits fell through and so we went and visited them. But this time was amazing. The dad Hermano Hugo had never ever listened to the missionaries before but for some reason he listened to us this time. We explained how the families can be forever and at first he didnt believe in that concept but at the end he told us he knew and how he wanted to continue listening. IT was awesome. Thursday This was a rough day. My companion and I just werent having the best day but we went out and worked and really no one wanted to accept us and listen to us. Friday A day full of more rejection and of more trials but all is well. Saturday Spent most of the day packing because on Sunday I was going to have emergency changes and leave my area.... It was super hard but at least I got to visit the Familia DeLeon and let them know that someone better was about to come and help them even more. Sunday Left good old El Palmar and now I am in Valles de las Flores with my first Latino companion Elder Ballesteros, but he can speak English haha. But it was good. We had a good day working. Monday Spent our Pday in the capital because we went to the hosptial and then decided to just get lost and get to know the rich part of Guatemala. Then we ended the night visiting some cool people. Just got to get to know these people now but all is well. -- *No hay miedo en la vida, si recononcemos que tenemos un gran ayuda. A quien es nuestro amoroso Salvador. Una persona que nos conoce mejor que conocemos nosotros y él nos ama. Él está allí para ayudarnos. Solo tenemos que pedir y él lo hará.* Elder Shelton

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What a week

Tuesday Well this day, I have never had my heart broken so hard. We went to go visit the Familia DeLeon and we learned that Alison had drank coffee and so her baptism for that week wasnt possible, then she also told us she didnt want to do it for a month! Wednesday What an amazing day, we woke up early to go to Amatitlan because the area President, President Duncan, came and spoke to us. We learned a lot. I learned a lot about faith and how faith is to have the positivity always! To never doubt, never look at what the bad outcome could be, but always look at the positive outcome of things. It was much needed. Then we also go to meet and start teaching a guy who we learned had never been baptized but just has been attending church everyweek. So we started to help him prepare for his baptism. Thursday Well we had a good day, had some good visits. We got to go visit the Familia DeLeon and help them to want more unity and happiness as a family. Then we got to visit Frenando and it was just a good lesson with him to help him realize he needs to put his part in. Then we visited a kid named Mynor. Who is basically a member, he goes to everything, he goes to seminary everytime, church every week, and just everything, he just doesnt want to be baptized. Its a little frustrating but we are seeing what we can do for him. Friday A good day of frustration. We started the day of with some good lessons and then we started to look for the less actives in the ward and spent a ton of time. We found no one. And our time in between, well no one wanted to accept us. It was awesome. But we were able to end the day well with a good visit with Alison and the Familia DeLeon and then with Estuardo who we learned that his girlfriend is a really firm member of the church and what not. They are a little rebelious but they both want to grow together in the right path and she is a little stubborn and knows that this is the right path and so Estuardo is being a good boyfriend and seeing for himself if it is. And so far he is still okay with his baptismal date! Saturday Just a good day of finding new people to visit. And giving a little chicote to the Familia DeLeon. Sunday Well lots of disappointment but hey thats the mission. We only had Estuardo come to church but we were grateful for that at least. It shows his true desire. We also had some good visits after church and got the Familia DeLeon to cry because of our message about the family with them. Twas great Monday What an awesome District Pday! We went and hiked for an hour to get to a waterfall and it was so pretty, then we ate as a District and then rested a little. After that we had some good lessons but first with the Familia DeLeon and at the end they told us they wanted a break from us and I have never hurt so much.Its a family I love a lot but no matter how much I want to help them receive their happiness they desire. I cant force it upon them. Its tough. But thats the mission. -- *No hay miedo en la vida, si recononcemos que tenemos un gran ayuda. A quien es nuestro amoroso Salvador. Una persona que nos conoce mejor que conocemos nosotros y él nos ama. Él está allí para ayudarnos. Solo tenemos que pedir y él lo hará.* Elder Shelton

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What a great week of the HEAT‏

Wednesday Had an awesome District Meeting from my new District Leader Elder Ramirez and learned a lot about virtud. Then we had an awesome lunch in a chinese restaurant. Then Elder Hales and I just got to work and really just found tons of goats but we were able to do a service for a random guy in the street who was cutting tons of wood. We took the axe and went to work and cut wood for him for more than an hour in the heat but then ended the service seeing the amazing sunset. Then ended it visiting my favorite family and a girl we are going to baptize. The Familia Delion with Alison! Thursday This was a day of tons of contacts! But also we went and had a visit with Frenando, a friend of one of the members, that went super well. I also fought with some Evangelicals but twas a good day. Friday Crazy day for us. Woke up early to go to Villa Nueva for a meeting for all the zone retention leaders (I am the zone retention leader for Santa Lucia now). Learned lots of what I need to do to help my zone and then Elder Hales and I got to work and we had an awesome lesson with the Familia Delion and then an even better Noche de Hermanamiento. But just a day spent in a bus. Saturday Today was a much better day, we were able to get lots more lessons in. We had our best lesson with the Familia Delion and even ended it with a pillow fight. Twas super fun and Allison is just getting ready for her baptism the 28th! Sunday First Sunday with my new little branch El Palmar, but it was an awesome one. I love this new atmosphere of the people. Learned lots of what the job of each member is and then we had a good day of working. Got to visit Alison and the Familia Delion and then one crazy kid who goes to church every week and even seminary and everything else but doesnt want to be baptized! Named Minor, hopefully I can be the answer to him being baptized, we will see. Monday Oh did we clean. The house was a wreck and well I wrecked it and clean the heck out of it. Elder Hales and I ended up cleaning for all of our PDay. It was great though and we had fun doing so. Then we got to have a good lesson with Familia Delion again to help Alison a little bit more and then the Stake President of Escuintla bought us dinner to end our night. Twas a good Pday.

Monday, February 22, 2016

I was cold and now I am HOT‏

Tuesday We had a great zone training and President Markham actually came and helped teach us how to be better missionaries. Umm and then Elder Halverson and I just went to work. Wednesday Just had a good day of working and finding new people to visit Thursday Had my last companionship inventory with Elder Halverson and it was good and we had a good day of working and saying good bye to people Friday Just worked and said good bye to people Saturday Lo Mismo Sunday Had a good Sunday and just said goodbye to people really Monday Went to a cemetery with Esmeralda to write down some family names to help her, then we just went and ate as a zone to say our good byes to everyone. and just finished the night saying goodbye to members Tuesday CAMBIOS! Woke up early to go to changes and well I left good old Chimaltenango and now I am in the coast in the Zone Santa Lucia in the area El Palmar with Elder Hales, another gringo, Its really really hot haha. Sorry its not a very great email. I forgot to bring my journal with me to help me remember about the week but I do know is that My last days in Chimaltenango Elder Halverson and I built a fort to sleep in to finish off our time together. It was lots of fun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What a week

Tuesday Started it off with a good but strange District Meeting on charity. Then we taught Familia Alvarado, in the moment just getting them ready for their baptism that didnt happen... But then we taught Sergio who is the most prepared guy I have ever met. We taught him lesson one and just went super well. Wednesday Well this was a crazy day. We went and helped the Hermanas move from 1030 in the morning until 5 at night and then something happened to me and so we werent really able to work that day. But all is well. Thursday Much better day, Got the solution to my problem and then we just went out and worked. Went and visited Sergio and he was just waiting for us and prepared and excited to talk to us. It was awesome. Then we taught a less active family named Familia Rivera and well lets just say the lesson was more for me than it was for them. Then fought out that the wife of our convert is a drug lord. Thats great. No wonder he hasnt been coming to church. Friday Had divisions with the zone leaders and so Elder Halverson and I lost another day of working in our area this week. It went well but I learned a lot of what I dont want to do as a missionary and how I dont want to teach by going out and teaching with Elder Sanchez. Saturday Oh did we work hard this day. We visited Sergio who told us he had read the part in the Book of Mormon that we had left him and prayed and then just told us how much he knows that it is true and that he wants to be a part of it! How awesome is that. Then we tried visting the Familia Alvarado but the mom didnt want to accept us because now she doesnt want anything to do with us because she is now involved with the wife of our convert who is a drug dealer. Oh crazy are missions haha Sunday We didnt have tons of investigators but it was a good day. Especially since Sergio came and in Elders quorum when the Elders quorum president asked him how he felt and everything. Sergio just replied saying he loves it and even though this member brought him this week. Next week he is coming on his own! I love miracles like that. Monday What an awesome District Pday, we just met up in the church and everyone made there own food from their own countries. So we ended up having no bakes, yes I made Nathans grandmas recipe, grilled chees, pupusas, and chilekilas. All of it was so good. Then we went to the mercado as a district and Elder Halverson and I just had fun helping the Hermanas bargain for better prices. It was a good day. Spiritual thought Romans 5 vs 19 ¨for as by one mans disobedience. many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.¨ Timothy 4 vs 12 ¨let no man despise thy yought, but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity. What kind of example do you want to be? Do you want to bring people to be sinners or to be righteous? Its your choice....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

another week

Tuesday Started it off with a good District Meeting on Repentance. Then we went out and worked. We visited this member and to our surpise she had gifts for us. She bought me something to give to my mom and Elder Halverson something to give to his little sister. It was so nice. Then we spent hours looking for converts that moved into our area and when we found them we learned that they werent truly baptized because it was two little kids baptized with out permission by the Dad. Then we had a great lesson with Familia Alvarado and watched a video with them. Wednesday We went and visited the Familia Chilel, a less active family, and helped learn the importance of sacrifice in the church. Had lots of people make us wait at the door and when they finally would attend us, they would tell us they didnt have time that day. It was a tad bit frustrating. Thursday Started it off by visiting Fransisco and just taught him about the Priesthood and the importance of it and how he can recieve the Melchesidec, if thats how you spell it, here soon. Then taught this lady named Alma who just told us all the stuff she does to serve people and how she left her church because when she gave them clothes to give away she caught them selling them. She didnt like that and well was really open to accepting us. After that taught Familia Alvarado and it was awesome. The mom gave permission to the kids to be baptized the 7th of February! Wahoo baptisms. Friday We started it off by visiting the Familia Alvarado and just had a good lesson teaching them and helping them prepare for baptism and helping the Mom to have a desire to be baptized too. Then we had some good other lessons and some with other converts. But awesome part is that I learned exactly what to do when I get home to earn money to eventually open up a restaurant which is my dream. Saturday Did lots of contacting this day. And ended our night with the Familia Alvarado and taught them the Word of Wisdom and they accepted it and had no questions and just told us they were going to live it. That is how you know when a family has been prepared. Its awesome. Also Elder Halverson and I got in a little tickle fight in the lesson with Alma today when she left to do something real quick. Sunday A day of dissappointment. We had lots of our investigators that said they were going to come, even when we got to their house to walk with them, they told us they werent going to come. But its okay. After that Elder Halverson and I talked in sacrament about missionary work and I basically told the members if they dont have a desire to share the gospel they need to repent. Also taught them how to be a super hero. It was fun. Monday It wasnt a terrible Pday haha. We woke up super early to go to Solola to play socce with the zone Solola and I learned how terrible I really am at soccer. After that we went to Panajachel, super beautiful you should look it up, to go eat and see the lake. After we drove back and got home right in time to end Pday. Didnt get to buy any groceries so who knows what I will eat this week but all is well. After that we just visited some families.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week of Miracles‏

Tuesday A day of lots of work. The highlight of the day was when I beat everyone in my district in eating the most. 11 pieces of wonderful pizza haha. Wednesday This was an interesting day. We started it off by going to Antigua to watching a world wide missionary broadcast where we learned how to teach repentance and baptize converts. It was awesome. After that we got a call telling us to have my son, Elder Miranda, start packing. He went home that day and I will miss him. Its a long story why... We worked a tad but mostly just said our good byes. Thursday We decided to go attack the new part of the area we found. It was awesome we found tons of new people and a random less active family that we will get back to church. Then we found this guy Hector over by our house and he is super awesome and wants to come to church and learn more. He has been having lots of problems and just told us that we were is solution and answer to his prayers. It was soo cool. Lets see how he is. Friday Had some good lessons. Taught a really postive lady that is named Claudia that we would baptize if she wasnt going to LA for 6 months...but got her address and going to send it to Jare Bear to baptize her..hope your spanish is good my friend... Then taught The Familia Sic who is awesome and we are just waiting to baptize them. Saturday Started it off with lots of contacting. It went well until a bolo ¨drunk¨ started following us for an hour until we had to run and catch a tuk tuk to escape him. It was crazy. After that we went to go visit our convert Jose and he wasnt there but his wife who hates the church was. She just told us he wasnt there but then gave us a reference and well it was a pure miracle. We went and visited this family and the kids have actually been attending church and want to be baptized. We just got to help the mom a little more first. Sunday What a cooooold day. It was so cold. We had a good time at church and had lots of awesome people come to church. Afterwards we just walked and contacted a ton. But hey thats missionary work. Cant wait to see how big my thighs are when I get home. Monday What a fun PDay. We cleaned, organized, fixed our hot water, and then made ninja bread cookies. It was tons of fun to decorate them. After that we went and visited the family again and talked a little more about baptisms and the kids just scream yeah ¨yo quiero que pueden bautizarme¨it was awesome. Hopefully this Sunday we will be able to do so. Missions are great. No hay un mejor mision que esto mision.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What a Week

Wednesday Well we had a good district meeting and learned lots about repenting. After that got to write the good old fam bam and then we ate a good lunch as always made by Hermana Lucy. But after lunch we did an area attack in Sumpango that was alright, it really just lost a lot of time of us working in our area. But all is well. Thursday This was a day of lots of rejection and running around trying to get lessons. Its okay. Got to learn how to be rejected because it happens a lot in life. Friday Another day of rejection Saturday Wow what a slow saturday that was hard to just get lessons. I dont know why but no one wanted to accept us this week. Oh well The Lord will bless us this next week. Sunday Another good old sunday. I am just grateful that I can understand everything now, pretty much. That I am able to enjoy the talks and enjoy participating in the classes. After church went straight to work and we found a part of our area that we never knew was even there and its GIANT. Definetely going to find the people The Lord has prepared over there. Now time to just go to work in it. Monday What a good PDAY. We mostly just spent time with the Familia Burgos and I taught them how to make pizza and in all honesty I forgot the yeast and it was a good crunchy pizza but all went well and I learned haha. After that we just had a second visit with this family that are scared to return to God because they feel like they have done so much bad. I know we can help them and they can feel Gods love for them once more. Keep looking forward, never in the past. What is done is done and cannot be changed. Its you who can change and be better. TODAY IS THE DAY TO CHANGE AND BE BETTER!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another week of fun‏

Wednesday Oh what a hard day. Yet again my good old friend Mario told us he wants nothing to do with us... This broke my heart because everytime he gets so close, he rejects what he feels. It was a hard day and I learned a lot but hey got to have hard days to get them good ones. Thursday Another day of rejection. I am getting really good at receiving rejection haha. We had pretty much all of our appointments fall and I just felt bad for my hijo because he was starting off his experience in the field rough. But hey thats where you learn the most. Just a long day of rejection. Friday This day started off with finding just tons of goats but afterwards the trio decided to split up a little and I went and taught with a member and him and I just found more goats until we both felt prompted to go visit this less active family who started to come to church after 3 years of not going. When we visited them found out they have 3 kids that arent baptized! What a miracle. Right now just teaching and getting back into the path of Christ so that they will want to continue in it. Saturday Well it was a pretty normal day. The best part was at the end of the day when we had a second visit with Laura who was way positive. When we got there she was ready with the pamphlet, with question, and just ready. She was excited that we came back. It was awesome and after we taught just lesson 1, it answered all her questions and doubts and she couldnt wait for us to come back after that. Sunday Day of Miracles! We had tons assisting...YES! We had converts come to church who love me but never came but finally came. Had investigators just come that we havent really talked to much. Just a day of miracles. Monday Interviews with President to start off the day and it was amazing. I love the guy so much and he is so smart and knows so much about the gospel and how to help us. Afterwards we just went out and worked and didnt have a terrible or fantastic day just another day in the hands of the Lord doing his work. Tuesday PDay... well we spent our Pday at the hospital for Elder Mirandas foot. But hey all is well with him and we had very few lessons but we all enjoyed the day regardless. Late Spiritual thought of New Years 3 Nephi 12 vs 47 Las cosas antiguas han pasado, y todas las cosas han vuelto nuevo Forget about the past and start being better. Love yall.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I have a kid!

Tuesday What an awesome but crazy day. So after writing and everything we went straight to work and had some great visits, but our best visit was with Alison. She told us she was going on a trip so we just asked her if she wanted to be baptized the next day, right before she leaves... and she said YES! What a miracle. Then we ended the night by having a sleepover with Elder Webb and Elder Sanchez whom I love. Wednesday WE BAPTIZED! We had Alisons baptism in the morning and it was awesome. I was the one she chose to baptize her and it all just went super smoothly. Then after the baptism went and worked and taught some people. We taught Fransisco and saw how he felt about his baptism Saturday and all was well. YAY BAPTISMS. Thursday Woke up and got our studies done early so Elder Halverson and I could go to Itzapa to bless their house. While we blessed it, in the prayer we both could her something that sounded like it was literally leaving the house. It was crazy. After that we ate a good lunch with Familia Salazar who made us chuchitos which is Mexican tamales. Then worked and ended the night with a mini party at Mildred and Ronalds house (converts) just a fun NEW YEARS night. Friday The day to teach and learn patience. We had just a ton of rejection and didnt get a single lesson for 6 hours of walking and touching doors. But then we got a lesson with an old guy who played his guitar and sang to us. It was quite cute. Then had a few more lessons and ended the night at Mildreds and Ronalds again and a lot of stuff happened and Elder Halverson and I just ended up giving them blessing to the mom and the brother. But one of the most spiritual blessings I have ever given. Saturday 5 MONTHS! Woke up at three in the morning to go to my final newby meeting which was super fun to see all my friends and learn lots. Then got home and worked and just had a good night. Changed Fransiscos baptism for Monday but all is well. Sunday Wahoo actually had people show up to church and one of them is a pure miracle. It is a guy named Carlos who uses crutches to walk and he walked 2 hours just to come to church. He is a miracle and I love him. Then had an awesome very powerful lesson with Mario who finally is actually understanding and knowing why we are the true church. Now we just got to baptize the old man. Monday What a crazy Pday. Elder Halverson and I just cleaned the house to get it ready for changes on Tuesday and then had lunch as a zone at the mall to say good bye to those who were leaving. It was a fun day. Elder Halverson and I ended our PDay early to get ready for Fransiscos baptism that went super well. Then just ended the night full of working. Tuesday CAMBIOS! Elder Halveson and I stay together but we are training together. I have a son named Elder Miranda from Ecuador. He is super awesome and is going to be a great missionary. I just cant beleive I am training when I just barely finished my training. Oh well it is what God wants. I shall listen and obey.