Wednesday, February 3, 2016

another week

Tuesday Started it off with a good District Meeting on Repentance. Then we went out and worked. We visited this member and to our surpise she had gifts for us. She bought me something to give to my mom and Elder Halverson something to give to his little sister. It was so nice. Then we spent hours looking for converts that moved into our area and when we found them we learned that they werent truly baptized because it was two little kids baptized with out permission by the Dad. Then we had a great lesson with Familia Alvarado and watched a video with them. Wednesday We went and visited the Familia Chilel, a less active family, and helped learn the importance of sacrifice in the church. Had lots of people make us wait at the door and when they finally would attend us, they would tell us they didnt have time that day. It was a tad bit frustrating. Thursday Started it off by visiting Fransisco and just taught him about the Priesthood and the importance of it and how he can recieve the Melchesidec, if thats how you spell it, here soon. Then taught this lady named Alma who just told us all the stuff she does to serve people and how she left her church because when she gave them clothes to give away she caught them selling them. She didnt like that and well was really open to accepting us. After that taught Familia Alvarado and it was awesome. The mom gave permission to the kids to be baptized the 7th of February! Wahoo baptisms. Friday We started it off by visiting the Familia Alvarado and just had a good lesson teaching them and helping them prepare for baptism and helping the Mom to have a desire to be baptized too. Then we had some good other lessons and some with other converts. But awesome part is that I learned exactly what to do when I get home to earn money to eventually open up a restaurant which is my dream. Saturday Did lots of contacting this day. And ended our night with the Familia Alvarado and taught them the Word of Wisdom and they accepted it and had no questions and just told us they were going to live it. That is how you know when a family has been prepared. Its awesome. Also Elder Halverson and I got in a little tickle fight in the lesson with Alma today when she left to do something real quick. Sunday A day of dissappointment. We had lots of our investigators that said they were going to come, even when we got to their house to walk with them, they told us they werent going to come. But its okay. After that Elder Halverson and I talked in sacrament about missionary work and I basically told the members if they dont have a desire to share the gospel they need to repent. Also taught them how to be a super hero. It was fun. Monday It wasnt a terrible Pday haha. We woke up super early to go to Solola to play socce with the zone Solola and I learned how terrible I really am at soccer. After that we went to Panajachel, super beautiful you should look it up, to go eat and see the lake. After we drove back and got home right in time to end Pday. Didnt get to buy any groceries so who knows what I will eat this week but all is well. After that we just visited some families.

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