Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week of Miracles‏

Tuesday A day of lots of work. The highlight of the day was when I beat everyone in my district in eating the most. 11 pieces of wonderful pizza haha. Wednesday This was an interesting day. We started it off by going to Antigua to watching a world wide missionary broadcast where we learned how to teach repentance and baptize converts. It was awesome. After that we got a call telling us to have my son, Elder Miranda, start packing. He went home that day and I will miss him. Its a long story why... We worked a tad but mostly just said our good byes. Thursday We decided to go attack the new part of the area we found. It was awesome we found tons of new people and a random less active family that we will get back to church. Then we found this guy Hector over by our house and he is super awesome and wants to come to church and learn more. He has been having lots of problems and just told us that we were is solution and answer to his prayers. It was soo cool. Lets see how he is. Friday Had some good lessons. Taught a really postive lady that is named Claudia that we would baptize if she wasnt going to LA for 6 months...but got her address and going to send it to Jare Bear to baptize her..hope your spanish is good my friend... Then taught The Familia Sic who is awesome and we are just waiting to baptize them. Saturday Started it off with lots of contacting. It went well until a bolo ¨drunk¨ started following us for an hour until we had to run and catch a tuk tuk to escape him. It was crazy. After that we went to go visit our convert Jose and he wasnt there but his wife who hates the church was. She just told us he wasnt there but then gave us a reference and well it was a pure miracle. We went and visited this family and the kids have actually been attending church and want to be baptized. We just got to help the mom a little more first. Sunday What a cooooold day. It was so cold. We had a good time at church and had lots of awesome people come to church. Afterwards we just walked and contacted a ton. But hey thats missionary work. Cant wait to see how big my thighs are when I get home. Monday What a fun PDay. We cleaned, organized, fixed our hot water, and then made ninja bread cookies. It was tons of fun to decorate them. After that we went and visited the family again and talked a little more about baptisms and the kids just scream yeah ¨yo quiero que pueden bautizarme¨it was awesome. Hopefully this Sunday we will be able to do so. Missions are great. No hay un mejor mision que esto mision.

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