Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What a Week

Wednesday Well we had a good district meeting and learned lots about repenting. After that got to write the good old fam bam and then we ate a good lunch as always made by Hermana Lucy. But after lunch we did an area attack in Sumpango that was alright, it really just lost a lot of time of us working in our area. But all is well. Thursday This was a day of lots of rejection and running around trying to get lessons. Its okay. Got to learn how to be rejected because it happens a lot in life. Friday Another day of rejection Saturday Wow what a slow saturday that was hard to just get lessons. I dont know why but no one wanted to accept us this week. Oh well The Lord will bless us this next week. Sunday Another good old sunday. I am just grateful that I can understand everything now, pretty much. That I am able to enjoy the talks and enjoy participating in the classes. After church went straight to work and we found a part of our area that we never knew was even there and its GIANT. Definetely going to find the people The Lord has prepared over there. Now time to just go to work in it. Monday What a good PDAY. We mostly just spent time with the Familia Burgos and I taught them how to make pizza and in all honesty I forgot the yeast and it was a good crunchy pizza but all went well and I learned haha. After that we just had a second visit with this family that are scared to return to God because they feel like they have done so much bad. I know we can help them and they can feel Gods love for them once more. Keep looking forward, never in the past. What is done is done and cannot be changed. Its you who can change and be better. TODAY IS THE DAY TO CHANGE AND BE BETTER!

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