Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Another week of fun‏

Wednesday Oh what a hard day. Yet again my good old friend Mario told us he wants nothing to do with us... This broke my heart because everytime he gets so close, he rejects what he feels. It was a hard day and I learned a lot but hey got to have hard days to get them good ones. Thursday Another day of rejection. I am getting really good at receiving rejection haha. We had pretty much all of our appointments fall and I just felt bad for my hijo because he was starting off his experience in the field rough. But hey thats where you learn the most. Just a long day of rejection. Friday This day started off with finding just tons of goats but afterwards the trio decided to split up a little and I went and taught with a member and him and I just found more goats until we both felt prompted to go visit this less active family who started to come to church after 3 years of not going. When we visited them found out they have 3 kids that arent baptized! What a miracle. Right now just teaching and getting back into the path of Christ so that they will want to continue in it. Saturday Well it was a pretty normal day. The best part was at the end of the day when we had a second visit with Laura who was way positive. When we got there she was ready with the pamphlet, with question, and just ready. She was excited that we came back. It was awesome and after we taught just lesson 1, it answered all her questions and doubts and she couldnt wait for us to come back after that. Sunday Day of Miracles! We had tons assisting...YES! We had converts come to church who love me but never came but finally came. Had investigators just come that we havent really talked to much. Just a day of miracles. Monday Interviews with President to start off the day and it was amazing. I love the guy so much and he is so smart and knows so much about the gospel and how to help us. Afterwards we just went out and worked and didnt have a terrible or fantastic day just another day in the hands of the Lord doing his work. Tuesday PDay... well we spent our Pday at the hospital for Elder Mirandas foot. But hey all is well with him and we had very few lessons but we all enjoyed the day regardless. Late Spiritual thought of New Years 3 Nephi 12 vs 47 Las cosas antiguas han pasado, y todas las cosas han vuelto nuevo Forget about the past and start being better. Love yall.

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