Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What a great week of the HEAT‏

Wednesday Had an awesome District Meeting from my new District Leader Elder Ramirez and learned a lot about virtud. Then we had an awesome lunch in a chinese restaurant. Then Elder Hales and I just got to work and really just found tons of goats but we were able to do a service for a random guy in the street who was cutting tons of wood. We took the axe and went to work and cut wood for him for more than an hour in the heat but then ended the service seeing the amazing sunset. Then ended it visiting my favorite family and a girl we are going to baptize. The Familia Delion with Alison! Thursday This was a day of tons of contacts! But also we went and had a visit with Frenando, a friend of one of the members, that went super well. I also fought with some Evangelicals but twas a good day. Friday Crazy day for us. Woke up early to go to Villa Nueva for a meeting for all the zone retention leaders (I am the zone retention leader for Santa Lucia now). Learned lots of what I need to do to help my zone and then Elder Hales and I got to work and we had an awesome lesson with the Familia Delion and then an even better Noche de Hermanamiento. But just a day spent in a bus. Saturday Today was a much better day, we were able to get lots more lessons in. We had our best lesson with the Familia Delion and even ended it with a pillow fight. Twas super fun and Allison is just getting ready for her baptism the 28th! Sunday First Sunday with my new little branch El Palmar, but it was an awesome one. I love this new atmosphere of the people. Learned lots of what the job of each member is and then we had a good day of working. Got to visit Alison and the Familia Delion and then one crazy kid who goes to church every week and even seminary and everything else but doesnt want to be baptized! Named Minor, hopefully I can be the answer to him being baptized, we will see. Monday Oh did we clean. The house was a wreck and well I wrecked it and clean the heck out of it. Elder Hales and I ended up cleaning for all of our PDay. It was great though and we had fun doing so. Then we got to have a good lesson with Familia Delion again to help Alison a little bit more and then the Stake President of Escuintla bought us dinner to end our night. Twas a good Pday.

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