Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What a week

Tuesday Well this day, I have never had my heart broken so hard. We went to go visit the Familia DeLeon and we learned that Alison had drank coffee and so her baptism for that week wasnt possible, then she also told us she didnt want to do it for a month! Wednesday What an amazing day, we woke up early to go to Amatitlan because the area President, President Duncan, came and spoke to us. We learned a lot. I learned a lot about faith and how faith is to have the positivity always! To never doubt, never look at what the bad outcome could be, but always look at the positive outcome of things. It was much needed. Then we also go to meet and start teaching a guy who we learned had never been baptized but just has been attending church everyweek. So we started to help him prepare for his baptism. Thursday Well we had a good day, had some good visits. We got to go visit the Familia DeLeon and help them to want more unity and happiness as a family. Then we got to visit Frenando and it was just a good lesson with him to help him realize he needs to put his part in. Then we visited a kid named Mynor. Who is basically a member, he goes to everything, he goes to seminary everytime, church every week, and just everything, he just doesnt want to be baptized. Its a little frustrating but we are seeing what we can do for him. Friday A good day of frustration. We started the day of with some good lessons and then we started to look for the less actives in the ward and spent a ton of time. We found no one. And our time in between, well no one wanted to accept us. It was awesome. But we were able to end the day well with a good visit with Alison and the Familia DeLeon and then with Estuardo who we learned that his girlfriend is a really firm member of the church and what not. They are a little rebelious but they both want to grow together in the right path and she is a little stubborn and knows that this is the right path and so Estuardo is being a good boyfriend and seeing for himself if it is. And so far he is still okay with his baptismal date! Saturday Just a good day of finding new people to visit. And giving a little chicote to the Familia DeLeon. Sunday Well lots of disappointment but hey thats the mission. We only had Estuardo come to church but we were grateful for that at least. It shows his true desire. We also had some good visits after church and got the Familia DeLeon to cry because of our message about the family with them. Twas great Monday What an awesome District Pday! We went and hiked for an hour to get to a waterfall and it was so pretty, then we ate as a District and then rested a little. After that we had some good lessons but first with the Familia DeLeon and at the end they told us they wanted a break from us and I have never hurt so much.Its a family I love a lot but no matter how much I want to help them receive their happiness they desire. I cant force it upon them. Its tough. But thats the mission. -- *No hay miedo en la vida, si recononcemos que tenemos un gran ayuda. A quien es nuestro amoroso Salvador. Una persona que nos conoce mejor que conocemos nosotros y él nos ama. Él está allí para ayudarnos. Solo tenemos que pedir y él lo hará.* Elder Shelton

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