Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hay Cambios‏

Tuesday We had a good day. We had a great District Meeting that went completely by the spirit and it helped us a ton to refocus and remember why we are here serving. Then after that Elder Hales and I got to work and found some good news. Wednesday 6 Months! Man does time fly by. This day was amazing. So the Familia DeLeon that told us they didnt want us to visit them, well during lunch the mom called us and asked for tons of forgiveness saying they wanted us to come back. And us well we just told her we would see her tomorrow. But of course all of our visits fell through and so we went and visited them. But this time was amazing. The dad Hermano Hugo had never ever listened to the missionaries before but for some reason he listened to us this time. We explained how the families can be forever and at first he didnt believe in that concept but at the end he told us he knew and how he wanted to continue listening. IT was awesome. Thursday This was a rough day. My companion and I just werent having the best day but we went out and worked and really no one wanted to accept us and listen to us. Friday A day full of more rejection and of more trials but all is well. Saturday Spent most of the day packing because on Sunday I was going to have emergency changes and leave my area.... It was super hard but at least I got to visit the Familia DeLeon and let them know that someone better was about to come and help them even more. Sunday Left good old El Palmar and now I am in Valles de las Flores with my first Latino companion Elder Ballesteros, but he can speak English haha. But it was good. We had a good day working. Monday Spent our Pday in the capital because we went to the hosptial and then decided to just get lost and get to know the rich part of Guatemala. Then we ended the night visiting some cool people. Just got to get to know these people now but all is well. -- *No hay miedo en la vida, si recononcemos que tenemos un gran ayuda. A quien es nuestro amoroso Salvador. Una persona que nos conoce mejor que conocemos nosotros y él nos ama. Él está allí para ayudarnos. Solo tenemos que pedir y él lo hará.* Elder Shelton

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