Friday, March 18, 2016

Its been a good one.‏

Well I feel like it is time that I let all of you in on something. So for a little over three months I have had tons of pain in my chest. At first I thought it would just pass over but it didnt. So I called the nurse and she sent me to do xrays in my chest and we didnt find anything and so I just continued to work. A week and half after I did Xrays I had a really bad asthma attack to where I couldnt see during it and afterwards I couldnt walk with out falling over and so I didnt work that day. Afterwards, I received medicine to help me breath but thats all it did. It didnt help with the pain at all and after that asthma attack my pain worsened a lot and everyday since it has been worse. And so this past week it has just been unbareable and had a huge inpact on me and how I am as a missionary. So I went to the hospital and just got new medicine after talking to the doctor and even with the new medicine I have just been getting worse and worse. And After lots of crazy fighting this past week. I am coming home.... But I want all of you to know how much I know this is the true and only true church of Jesus Christ. The only true Gospel that brings the happiness we all desire. I am grateful for everything and I am going home feeling like a successful missionary just from my personal conversion to this Gospel. I love it and I know my Savior and Heavenly Father love me. So if you want to write me or keep in contact here is my other email. -- *No hay miedo en la vida, si recononcemos que tenemos un gran ayuda. A quien es nuestro amoroso Salvador. Una persona que nos conoce mejor que conocemos nosotros y él nos ama. Él está allí para ayudarnos. Solo tenemos que pedir y él lo hará.* Elder Shelton

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