Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I made it one week!!

First week of being in the CCM (MTC) was rough but amazing. I have learned so much already. I am doing the best in my district with the language, so its getting easier everyday. The 140 people here are amazing and I have grown close and have a relationship with all of them already. Especially the people in my room. We are the closest bunch you can get and all of them live pretty close to me so we are all pretty excited to see what is to come of our relationship afterwards. Day one was the hardest day and felt like it went on for a week. The flight wasnt very fun and no one really got any sleep on it, especially me but the coolest part of the flight was when we were landing in Guatemala and there was a local Volcano that was errupting and I watched it as it spewed and ashed. Super cool to see and I learned after the CCM my mission president allows the missionaries to go on hikes and so I will be hiking that Volcano when I get out. The second day was a little easier but it was so much all at once. The language was thrown at us and the teachings were too but all of it in Spanish so no one really knew what was happening. I see my friend Bailey everyday and its awesome but makes me miss home and hanging out with my friends. My companion is Elder Schellenberg and he is a unique but really cool guy and has a twin going to speak Mandrin Chinese in Virginia. Me and him get along and joke around with each other a lot and do well when it comes to teaching. I usually do most of the talking in the lessons just because I understand the language more. Anyway day 3 was easier and was pretty much the same as day two but the food that day was probably my favorite. Oh and for those of you worried about me and my food issues. Dont the Lord is blessing me with adaptable taste buds and I have liked and eaten pretty much everything. He has blessed me so much already and I love it. Day 5 was my favorite. It was our first Sunday and it was a fast Sunday. I got up and bore my testimony and was the first of the newbies to do so. I actually understood a lot of the testimonies of the Latinos too. Sunday was really relaxed but really amazing too and you could feel the spirit super strongly. You just feel the spirit super strong here anyway but it is just amazing. Each night my district has "Physical Activity" and I love playing volleyball and basketball. I am getting better just because I have to play in the rain because it has poured everyday here. I love it! I went to the temple this morning and loved it. The Guatemala temple is really small but really pretty in a very simple way. It was an awesome way to start out the day. I love you all. I am doing great. Just pray that I learn the language better and start teaching better. Miss yall

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