Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things only get better

Tuesday We had divisions this day and I got to go work with my zone leader Elder HMelo. He is such a cool and energetic guy and I learned a lot of how to better contact and relate with people. This was a fun day and just had lots of good spiritual lessons together. Wednesday Got my companion back and man did we get blessed. We worked hard and the Lord blessed us. We found 8 new people this week that we think we can help progress in this happiness and get them to the waters. Lets see what the Lord has instore for them. Thursday Thanksgiving! What a good Thanksgiving. We celebrated with eating fried chicken potatoes and PIE. It was fun to celebrate it with the Hermanas. Then we just went out and worked and had a good rest of our Thanksgiving but I am so grateful for so many things, but I am grateful for all my suffrings because that is what brings us closer to our Lord. Friday Just a regular hard working day Saturday This is a day of miracles. And the power of fasting is amazing. We started our fast this day after lunch. We were fasting to have second visits because of all the wonderful new people we had found. We had no second visits with them and we had been trying super hard. But the first lesson we had after we started our fast was a second visit and it was amazing and such a great blessing and a good way to start out a good successful day. Sunday Just a great Primary Program Sunday. It was cute and it was awesome to see the little kids get up and share their testimonies and thoughts. I love little kids. They have lots of power and spirit. Afterwards we just had a good day of working. Monday WE CLEANED EVERYTHING. I love it. Our house is so clean and organized after this PDAy. It makes my OCDness worse but also happy. Then we just had two powerful lessons and a good night. Spiritual thought: I learned that through patience in suffering we will gain the greater reward especially if we continually show our love in our Lord through fasting. The power of fasting and how much love you can show our Heavenly Father through fasting is very powerful and will help you with whatever problem you are having in your life. Just suffer patiently and try showing your dedication through fasting.

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