Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hay Cambios (there are changes)

Tuesday Started it off with a great District Meeting but the Assistants came. We all thought it was to bring us a lot of *Chicote. But it was just a lot of love and help for us because we havent been baptizing. Taught us a lot about suffering through our trials and life with patience knowing something always good will come out in the end. Then we just had a great day of teaching and ended the night with sad news. Elder Murray got the call that he was changing areas. I was going to lose my Trainer and a really good friend. Wednesday Had a awesome Zone Conference and learned how to change our mind sets better so that we can remain positive so we can baptize! Then I got packages! I got package from my wonderful family. Got a package from Uncle Kelly and a letter from Karlee, Madi, and Grandma and Grandpa Lott. It made my whole day. When we returned we went to visit Mario and it was heart breaking because he told us he didnt want to continue or accept our church. It just crushed my heart but we will continue with him. Thursday Started it off with another good job of mowing a lawn or what really was a jungle with machetes! It was fun but tiring. After we had an odd day. Really just went and said goodbye to a lot of members and people because Elder Murray was leaving. It was a sad day but it was still good. Friday Cambios! Got my new trainer Elder Halverson from Alabama! He is weird. But it is okay. We worked pretty well together and just did a lot of contacting. It was just a normal friday even though I wish we could have found more miracles and people to teach. Saturday This was a day of receiving lots of *chicote because we had a priesthood meeting for stake conference and one of the 70 came and gave us a lesson. Elder Cordon. He gave awesome lessons. My favorite was his on the little things and one of the little things he focused on was lies. He asked a question on how many lies do we tell a day?a week?a month?a year? How much better will be if we went a year without a single lie? He said if we do that, that is how we truly know if we are honest or not. It was awesome lesson. Ended the night very spiritually at one of converts Mildred as we just read in the Book of Mormon with them. Sunday A good Stake Conference. Got to love the Dia de Reposo (Sabbath Day). This one was a really rainy day and we contacted in the flooded streets and found some good potential miracles and had a very spiritual lesson with Araceli that we are trying to help feel ready to be baptized this Sunday. And ended the night at the awesome Bishops house. Monday First PDay with Elder Halverson. We didnt do much just went, ate, and cleaned the house. Well I cleaned. He did his own thing. It was good and then we went out and taught and actually found a very good potential family of 6 that we hope to help them change and feel this happiness. It was a good week. Wish me luck

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