Tuesday, November 3, 2015

two months

Tuesday Wrote home after a great district meeting. then we went and ate a lot of food at Dominos and Mcdonalds bought by our Zone Leaders because my companion and I rock. Afterwards we went and worked. Taught, well kind of taught this guy named Rene Calan. Really all we did was help him build a shelf and feel better because his son is in a choma and recovering. We left his house with him crying because of the spirit that came with our prayer. Hope to baptize him because he loves us and we can see him opening up to this happiness he could really use in his life. Wednesday Today we slept in because we were both getting a little sick, by sleeping in I mean until 6! It was just a regular hard working day with lots of walking and lots of testifying. Thursday Woke up and did as normal. Had our weekly planning then went and ate some good fried chicken and rice with tortillas (tortillas with every meal here). Got a few lessons in and then it started pouring rain to where we were basically walking in rivers. It was fun because when I say I live in the mountains of Guatemala it really is the jungle. After the rain we taught one of our new investigators named Saira and it went awesome and she actuallly told us she knows our church is the true church and told us she is ready to be baptized! What a miracle! Ended the night at another new investigator. An old guy named Oscar and his wife. They love us and we taught them plan of salvation and they gave us a free painting and food! I just love the people here. Friday Woke up at four thirty to go to another meeting of the news and rode a bus for 2 and half hours. Then ate Mcdonalds breakfast and had a good companionship study before the meeting. Then in the meeting we learned awesome stuff and how there are two different types of Hope! really cool. Then we rode a bus home for 3 hours or more to go back to work. It wasnt the most successful day but I did get to hit my companion in the face with a pillow at one of our converts house! Saturday Halloween! Didnt do anything to celebrate except eat one piece of candy before our fast haha. Here in Guatemala they dont celebrate Halloween. We did have a good, successful day with finding lots of new investigators. I got to help prepare a meal for the day of the dead called Fiambre... It isnt very good. I had it Sunday and didnt really like it haha but I love to cook and I loved that feeling of being a cook again. Then ended the night with a miracle of finding a girl who hasnt been to church in two years but has a strong testimony. Helped her realize she needed to come back and it ended with tears. It was great. Sunday Sundays are not my favorite because I cant really understand the lessons or anything but it is all good. This one was more difficult because it was day of the dead and no one wanted to go to church and no one was in their house for us to teach. Monday Hit two months! What an awesome PDay. We played soccer with water balloons with my District and it was crazy fun. We are such a crazy but awesome district. Afterwards we went and ate together and my companion and I actually saw a white guy! Then we had two awesome lessons and in one of them when I told my story and testimony the girl cried. The spirit works best through testimonies let me tell ya. I love being here.

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