Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Just full of Adventures

Tuesday We had our zone meeting and it was awesome! Then I got to write home and got some wonderful advice from my amazing Mom and Dad. I love them so much. Then had divisions again with Elder Geertson. We didnt have tons of success and it rained. But we had fun and endured the rough day with joy. Wednesday The Zoo! This day was tremendous. We went to the zoo and I got see all sorts of cool animals and other crazy stuff. Then we went to a store kind of like walmart to buy our groceries and I got stuff to make no bakes! Yep thats right, I still got Nathans grandmas recipe memorized and the cookies turned out great! Thursday This day we taught one of our new families we found. They are a bunch of SNAKES! Haha but they are actually progressing and showing true interest in our message besides interest in us attractive boys. Then we taught a very funny lady who told us she has the authority of God because she feels it in her heart. Then we ended by teaching another new we found, his name is Antoni. He is kind of depressed but he is already happier just from visiting with us twice. Hopefully we can help him feel more of this true joy. Friday We taught my favorite investigator we have, Old man Mario. I love him and he is progressing so awesomely. There were some members with us there too which was a miracle! We taught him about the priesthood but after we talked to him about his baptism. When he said he wasnt ready... thats when the members attacked because almost all members here are converts and it helps a ton! Then Mario shared with us how he always has a desire to read in the Book of Mormon and how whenever we come he feels a strong spirit of peace. Oh yeah we are going to baptize this cute old man. But another awesome part of the day was my chance I got to give my first blessing in Spanish. It was to an awesome family that is super sick and the Father asked me to be the one to give him the blessing. It was amazing and I know it wasnt me who was giving the blessing. Saturday This was a strange Saturday because usually it is our busiest day and we have the most lessons. This one no... But it was still a good Saturday and we still had great lessons. Just a day with lots of fun,laughter,rejection, and joy. Sunday This was a good Sunday. It was a conference for all of Central America and so we got to hear some awesome talks, that I couldnt fully understand, but they were awesome and all about the Sabbath Day. It is a very important day and we should all learn more about it! Monday This was a good PDay. We got everything done that we wanted too and I got a hair cut and my eyebrows done! Wahoo. Then we made more no bake cookies and other cookies! I love Cookies! But I also organized the house. I think every PDay I am getting more and more OCD. Mom just you wait to see how neat and clean I am when I get home. Haha. But it was good day and we taught good lessons and found some good news. Hopefully we can get them progressing into this happiness! Spiritual thought 1 Nephi vs 13 until 15 This explains how God will never leave us. At times we may feel that he has left us, but he never will. God is always with us. Always ready to help us and bless us. The times we feel like he is gone is because we arent being totally obedient to him and doing everything we can to feel his love and presence. And when we arent obedient, we open the door for Satan to bring us these bad feelings. Just remember God is there and he loves you and loves each and every one of us. Alma 26 27 We must suffer with patience. Life is not easy, never will be. But if we suffer through the hard times with patience and trust in the Lord. We will receive great blessings and love. Plus we never have to suffer alone. We always have someone there to help us.

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