Tuesday, November 10, 2015

some weeks are just hard

Tuesday Started it off with a good District meeting and wrote our families and friends. Then my companion and I had divisions with the Zone leaders and I went to their area and worked with Elder Geertson. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot on how to teach better just by his example. We also got close to each other and were able to find things in common with each other that grew our relationship. Wednesday Got my companion back! Wahoo. We went to lunch and we had roast... Ahh I miss my moms roast. I really appreciate all she did for me even more now. We went all day out with one of the members named Job. He is such a strong and spiritual kid. We just worked hard and had a decently succesful day. Thursday Today I was sick again haha. Guess I really will be sick my whole mission. Its okay just need to learn to work through it because I think I got called here to make up for all my ,Trevor days back home. Anyway we had a great lesson with Saira again but she wasnt going to church because she works. Good news is she is looking for a new job so she can go to church! Friday This day was better. We also found a miracle! A guy who has three houses! He has one in California, so he speaks english, one here in the mountains and one in Antigua. It was amazing and in his prayer at the end he asked for help to know he needs to be baptized so he can be part of this family! What a miracle! His name is Gamaleil. Saturday This day was a long day. All of our citas fell and so we contacted all day. We had few people accept us and all that did were goats anyway. It was just long, hard working day. But it is okay. We need to have the tough days to have the good days. Sunday. This was a better Sunday. I still didnt really understand everything and I practically fell asleep in the classes but it was good because we actually had a lot of our investigators and converts show up to church! We were so happy. Then we went out and worked and it was lots of fun. We had another member go out and work with us. Because he was bored and wanted to. These members truly love us and doing this work which is awesome. Monday Today was not Pday for once because we are having it wednesday to go to the zoo! This is why I am not sending pictures haha. But it was such a great day. There was not a moment in the day my companion and I werent laughing or smiling and just enjoying what we are doing. We started it off with a good service of mowing one of the members lawns with machetes and trimmers. Haha it was fun but I much prefer using a lawn mower. Karlee, Tanner be grateful you have a lawn mower to mow our lawn with. But it was good successful day where we accomplished all our goals but a few and had lots of fun doing it!

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